Environmental Enforcement Policy and Fixed Penalty Notices

The aim of this policy is to contribute to Salisbury City Council’s long term ambition to make Salisbury a cleaner city for residents and visitors. This policy forms part of Salisbury City Council’s (SCC) Clean Streets Strategy.

In Salisbury there is discontent amongst residents regarding the issues of dog fouling, fly posting, graffiti and depositing of litter in the city. Whilst Salisbury City Council resources support the direct provision of litter collection and street cleansing services, as well as publicity campaigns and advice, there remains an issue with some dog owners refusing to take responsibility for cleaning up after their animals and litter being dropped, causing environmental health issues in the city, inconvenience and annoyance, plus fly posting and graffiti.

From July 2018 onwards, Salisbury City Council will seek to address this problem by issuing fixed penalty notices (FPN) as an enforcement activity where education and informal actions prove insufficient. These FPNs will be issued by appropriately trained council officer or by an appropriate qualified contractor.

The Fixed Penalty charge will be as shown below:

Description of Offence Act Amount if paid within 10 days Amount if paid within 14 days Maximum penalty on conviction
Depositing littering Section 87/88 Environmental
Protection Act 1990
CNEA Act 2005
No reduction £75 £2,500
Fly posting or graffiti Section 43 Anti-Social Behaviour
Act 2003
CNEA Act 2005 Section 28/29/30
No reduction £75 £2,500
Failure to remove dog fouling The Fouling of Land by Dogs
(Wiltshire Council) Order 2012
CNEA Act 2005 Section28/29/30
No reduction £75 £1,000

The details of offences shown above are abbreviated interpretations and are intended for guidance only.
If more information is required the legislation should be examined or legal advice taken.

Salisbury City Council are adopting these powers under the CNEA 2005.

It has been produced having regard to DEFRA guidance on the use of fixed penalty notices under the provisions of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act

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