Ice Cream Van Electrical Hook up Point

on Friday, 12 June 2020.

Salisbury City Council has installed an electrical hook up point for the ice cream van in Queen Elizabeth Gardens.

Most ice cream vans run on diesel and must keep their engines running even while stationary so that on-board freezers work and ice creams do not melt - whilst doing this they pump out harmful chemicals into the environment, they also produce an amount of noise whilst the engine is constantly running.

By installing an electrical power point in the park the ice cream van will be able to stay parked in one place and electrically power its freezers in an environmentally friendly way - with its engines switched off making the park a cleaner and quieter place.

Leader of the City Council, Cllr Jeremy Nettle said, “Salisbury City Council is still thinking of ways to reduce pollution in the City as COVID-19 restrictions are eased. We declared a Climate Change Emergency on 17 June 2019 followed by the adoption of an Environmental Policy in October 2019 – one of the identified projects was the installation of an electrical hook up point in Queen Elizabeth Gardens to run the ice cream van – It is good to see that the electrical point has been installed, this will enable the ice cream van to run cleanly and quietly”