Pedal power comes to Salisbury with Co-Bikes

on Tuesday, 23 July 2019.

Salisbury City Council are delighted to announce that E-Bikes are coming to Salisbury, with docking stations planned for Salisbury Station and across the City.

South Western Trains received over £1 million in grants from government, local authorities and third-party funding sources to upgrade their cycle facilities. New E Bike docking points will be put in place as well as other initiatives including community cycle repair facilities and double racked cycle spaces.

The E-Bikes are being referred to as Co Bikes, with Co-Cars already running as a successful car sharing club in Salisbury. Salisbury City Council welcome the arrival of the Co-Bikes as part of their ongoing plan to be economically friendly where possible. They will be environmentally and economically beneficial, acting as a great alternative to cars and reducing CO2 emissions in the City.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Jeremy Nettle is excited that the Co-Bikes are coming to Salisbury Station. He said “We shall be looking for additional docking stations around the City and also the other side of the Ring Road for use of Commuters and visitors. This strategy fits with our Climate declaration and encourages a modal shift from Car to bike within the City.

“The Co-bikes can be used for as little as a pound and are capable of over 50 miles to the charge - very suitable for our hills in Salisbury. I would like to thank Margaret Willmot from COGS, Co-Bikes and SW Trains for making this possible”.