Residents urged to take litter home after influx of litter in City’s open spaces

on Wednesday, 03 June 2020.

Following the ease of Covid-19 restrictions and the sunny weather over the past couple of weeks, Salisbury City Council is becoming aware of an influx of litter being left in the City’s parks and open spaces.

The City Council’s Grounds Operatives unfortunately had to clear 25 bags of litter from bins and surrounding areas at Harnham Recreation Ground last Sunday morning.

Salisbury City Council wishes to encourage its residents to consider its environment carefully and remember not to drop litter and instead take it home. It goes without saying that litter is harmful – to the environment, animals and is a breeding ground for germs and so individuals are reminded to be extra vigilant.

The Grounds Operatives are changing bins and litter picking 7 days a week in Victoria Park, Churchill Gardens and Queen Elizabeth Gardens. There are now 2 people permanently changing bins/litter picking through the working week rather than just one.

There are plans to put extra signage up and the Security Officers will be visiting more frequently. The situation is being monitored and measures will increase further if needed.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Jeremy Nettle said ‘Now we are being allowed to socialise with others outdoors and 2 metres apart, it is so important to work together and keep our parks and green spaces clean. Unfortunately I collected a huge number of plastic bottles and snack packets from Hudson’s Field last Friday. Please remember to stay ALERT, don’t spread germs, take litter home with you and look after the environment.”