Salisbury City Council's Parks Department have planted large number of trees and hedges in the city

on Wednesday, 04 March 2020.

Salisbury City Council’s Parks Department have been busy over the last 2 weeks planting trees and hedges around the Parish.

A fund of £10,000 was allocated to the planting as part of Salisbury City Council’s Environmental action plan.

The aim of the planting is to help wildlife and improve biodiversity, reduce air pollutants and enhance the landscape with flowering species.

The Parks Department have been working hard to create and expand hedge lines and increase the tree population by planting species such as Crab Apples (Malus Sylvestris), Prunus, Malus Sylvestris and Pine Trees.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Jeremy Nettle said "Salisbury City Council is delighted to take the prompt action after declaring a climate change emergency. This is just one of many activities we are doing to improve biodiversity and reduce CO2 emissions.

Trees and hedges have been planted at:
- Churchill Gardens
- New Bridge Road
- Harnham Recreation Ground
- Skew Bridge
- Bishopdown Recreation Ground

The hedge line has been extended in Churchill Gardens keeping harmful air pollutants away from the park and paths which run parallel to the road with additional Pine Trees also planted.

At New Bridge Road a combination of smaller colourful flowering trees have been planted to bring extra colour and interest to this main entrance to the city.

Prunus has been planted around the entrance adjacent to Harnham road at Harnham Recreation Ground to help combat air pollutants and add extra spring colour to the entrance.

At Bishopdown a range of species of trees have been planted around the perimeter of Bishopdown Recreation Ground. The taller tree species will offer shade and safety for wildlife.

A Hazel and Privet hedge line has been created at Skew Bridge, joining up with an existing wild area next to the railway track to create a cover for wildlife and also help combat air pollutants from Wilton road.

Salisbury City Council declared a Climate Change Emergency at a Full Council meeting on 17 June 2019 and are working to make Salisbury as carbon neutral as possible by 2030.