Steps Salisbury City Council has taken since declaring a Climate Change Emergency last year

on Tuesday, 23 June 2020.

Since declaring a Climate Emergency on 17 June 2019, Salisbury City Council has been carrying out a number of actions with the aim to make Salisbury as carbon neutral as possible by 2030. Here is a summary of the steps we have taken so far:

  • We have undertaken a review of the Council owned buildings with the intention of looking into installing solar panels. These have already been installed on the roof of Salisbury Guildhall and are working.
  • Some of the Grounds Maintenance tools have been replaced with electric versions and we are investigating electric vehicles when we replace our Grounds Maintenance Team vehicles
  • We have been working with Wiltshire Council on an extensive Walking and Cycling Plan for the City. We have also worked with them to carry out a number of joint workshops to engage what the public can do to help the environment as climate change affects us all.
  • An electric hook up has been installed in Queen Elizabeth Gardens for the park’s ice cream van so no more diesel while idling.
  • The Salisbury Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey has been completed which allowed the public to contribute ideas and opinions on the following subject areas: Climate Change and energy efficiency, Housing needs, Community Infrastructure, Green Infrastructure, Transport, Economy. The information gathered by the survey will support the sustainable development of the city.
  • The development of the Neighbourhood plan is supported and funded by the City Council.
  • A budget of £10,000 was allocated to planting trees and hedges in the city as part of Salisbury City Council’s Environmental Policy Action Pan. The aim of the planting is to help wildlife and improve biodiversity, reduce air pollutants and enhance the landscape with flowering species. The Parks Team have been working hard to create and expand hedge lines and increase the tree population by planting species such as Crab Apples (Malus Sylvestris), Prunus, Malus Sylvestris and Pine Trees. This is just one of many activities we are doing to improve biodiversity and reduce CO2 emissions. Trees and hedges have been planted at: Churchill Gardens ,New Bridge Road, Harnham ,Recreation Ground, Skew Bridge and Bishopdown Recreation Ground.

The Leader of the Councillor, Cllr Jeremy Nettle said, “In the last year the Council has taken action in a range of ways to begin to deliver on our climate change declarations. We have been delayed by the impact of the Covid 19 restrictions on some our projects but we remain committed to the task. If you have good ideas about our aim to make Salisbury as carbon neutral as possible by 2030 please do get in touch with the Council as together we can make a difference.”

Click here to view the Salisbury City Council Environmental Policy - Our Action Plan at the end of the document.

Click here to view the latest updates as reported to the Services Committee on 22 June 2020.