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Design control policy objectives in Salisbury NDP (Draft January 2020)

  • Overriding objective is to influence what new buildings should look like and their form of construction.
  • It is proposed that all forms of new development in the City of Salisbury should conform to an ambition for high quality and inclusive design and demonstrate a use of style and materials which conserves local distinctiveness and aesthetic qualities.
  • Planning Applications which propose unsympathetic designs which fail to respect the connections between people and places, or look out of context in terms of location, or pay inadequate regard to issues of sustainable technologies, landscape and biodiversity considerations will be unacceptable.
  • Development designs should promote waste water management both in respect of sustainable drainage and water capture for use in external watering, toilet flushing, car washing etc.
  • Adequate storage space (off street view) should be provided for bins, re-cycling and cycles.

Group Leader – Hans Dieter Scholz