Finance and Governance Committee

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The Finance and Governance Committee considers:

  • General direction and policy of the Council
  • Corporate management
  • Democratic representation
  • Management of Property portfolio
  • Approval of the annual return (Statement of Accounts)
  • All matters relating to finance, including the approval of the year end accounts
  • To make recommendations to Council on the budgets of all standing committees
  • General administration
  • Any other matter which may be delegated to it by the Council from time to time

Finance and Governance Councillor Committee Membership

Conservative:   Cllrs P Cunningham, C Hibbert, S Hocking, E Rimmer, 
Labour: Cllrs R Rogers, I Tomes, J Wells
Liberal Democrats: Cllrs V Charleston, A Bayliss, 

Full Council

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Only Full Council can make decisions about the following issues:

  • Setting the precept
  • Borrowing money
  • Making, amending or revoking Standing Orders, Financial Regulations or this Scheme of Delegation
  • Matters of principle or policy
  • Any proposed new undertakings;

Services Committee

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The Services Committee considers:

  • Parks, open spaces & associated car parks
  • Playing fields and amenity areas
  • Play areas, cemeteries & allotments
  • Footpaths and bridle ways
  • Sporting facilities
  • Crematorium
  • Environmental matters
  • Charter market, other markets & charter fair
  • Council Events
  • City floral displays
  • Maintenance and upkeep of all vehicles and equipment used for grounds maintenance purposes
  • Community Engagement
  • Partnership working
  • Grants and donations
  • Civic activities/local democracy
  • Community safety
  • The Guildhall
  • Bemerton Heath Centre and The Friary
  • Civic and ceremonial matters
  • Communications
  • Any other matter which may be delegated to it by the Council from time to time


Services Councillor Committee Membership

Lib Dem: Cllrs B Dalton, S Charleston, P Sample, C Stanway
Conservative: Cllrs P Cunningham, A Hoque, J King, C McGrath, J Nettle, E Rimmer, M Webb
Labour: Cllrs J Bolwell, C Corbin, T Corbin,
Independent: Cllr A Riddle

Planning Committee

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The Planning Committee considers:

Follow this link to view the Council's Pre-Application Planning Protocol

The City Council's role is that of a statutory consultee, with no powers to 'call in' applications.  Please contact your unitary councillor or a Wiltshire Council Planning Officer with any planning queries you may have.

  • To comment on planning applications received from the local planning authority
  • To comment on behalf of the Council on Local Plans, Structure Plans, Mineral Plans, Waste Plans, Regional Plans and any other Plan or Studies as considered appropriate
  • To comment on Licensing matters
  • Street naming when requested
  • Highways and street furniture when requested
  • Any other matter which may be delegated to it by the Council from time to time

Salisbury City Council will enter a 'no comment' response to applications which lie wholly within one or more of the following classes, unless a representation or letter of objection has been received from a member of the public or a Councillor or member of the public would like to speak on a particular application:

  • Domestic 1 story rear extensions less than 4 metres
  • Domestic 1 & 2 storey extensions which project no further than the building line of the immediately adjacent buildings
  • Domestic 1 storey side extensions greater than 1 metre from side boundary
  • Domestic porches

This statement was agreed on 3 July 2017.

 Planning Committee Membership 

Conservative:   Cllrs J Broom, C Hibbert, J Nettle, M Mewse
Labour:          Cllrs T Corbin, I Tomes
Liberal Democrats: Cllrs A Bayliss, C Stanway
Independent: Cllr A Riddle


Follow this link to Wiltshire Council’s website for planning applications