Ashley Road Open Space and Fisherton Recreation Ground

About our Area:

These two expanses of green join the Avon Valley water meadows that run on both sides of the river, enabling residents and visitors to enjoy walks without having to cross a busy road. 

The footbridge will take you to the Five Rivers Leisure Centre and the adjoining open space. Once the city rubbish tip, this area is now a beautiful extension to the nature reserve and is also home to a permanent orienteering course:

Fisherton Rec River resizeA popular area for summer picnics, the recreation ground also has a children’s play area and a sports wall.

A summer pleasure fair visits Ashley Road every year.

Visitor Information:

Free entry
Open day and night, throughout the year
Children’s play area
Sports Wall

Recent works at Fisherton Recreation Ground:

We have felled 25 Poplar trees along the boundaries of Fisherton Recreation Ground. The trees were felled because of their poor condition. Before taking this decision the Council obtained an expert independent assessment of the trees, supported by tests on a sample of the trees.

We have directly replaced a number of the Lombardy poplars (the tall, narrow trees that make up the majority of the trees that were felled). The Council also planted some Plane and Beech trees also. The choice of trees will increase increase biodiversity & support birds and other wildlife.