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Competitions 2022

The Allotment, City Gardens and Scarecrow competitions are back for 2022! If you have green fingers, or a creative flair simply complete and send in the entry form or email the parks department on parks@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk

Download the entry form here

Competitions 2021

We were delighted to be able to run a simplified version of the Scarecrow, Garden and Allotment Competitions in 2021. Although scaled back, an awards ceremony was held in the Guildhall to celebrate the winners.

Scarecrow Competition (judged by the Mayor):

1st – Diane Youngman
2nd – Carole Day
3rd – Richard Edward Shaw

Daisy 1 Day richandjac 1

Gardens Competition (all awarded Silver Gilt):

Diane Youngman
John Reardon
Jo and Chris Selley
Robert Stokes and Bricketts Hospital Almshouses

Diane 5 reardon 8

Allotment Competition:

Best Newcomer (nominated by The Wardens):

Diane Youngman (Tunnel)
Chris and Cathy Goddard (Stratford Road)
Lauren Morgan (Fisherton A)
Steve Shepherd (Fisherton A)
John Coakley (The Butts)
Emma Pearce (Cow Lane)
Frank Harrison (London Road)

Bronze Awards:

Robert Hope (Tunnel)
James Haggaty (Fisherton Farm C)
Yvonne Toon (Wares Acre)

Silver Awards:

Colin Whatley (Stratford Road)
Chris and Pam Christian (Coldharbour Lane)
John Toon (Warres Acre)
Nigel Ansty (Fisherton Farm C)
Mr M Sartin (Coldharbour Lane)

Gold Awards:

Stephen and Carole Day (Tunnel)
Debbie Neale (Fisherton Farm A)
Richard Edward Shaw (Warres Acres)
Mary Reardon (Tunnel)
David Shearing and Amanda White (Butts)
Tony Oke (Warres Acres)
Terence White (Butts)
Diane Youngman (Tunnel)
Christine Pape (Stratford Road)

Overall Winner – Stephen and Carole Day (Tunnel)

2019 Summer Competitions

Salisbury City Council were proud to host an awards ceremony at The Guildhall on Wednesday 18th September. The evening celebrated the winners of the scarecrow, city gardens and allotment competitions. The awards ceremony was held in The Guildhall and certificates were presented by the Mayor of the City of Salisbury, Cllr Mr John Walsh.

Many congratulations to everyone who took part.

Awards were as follows:

Scarecrow Competition 2019

1st place - Braemor Lodge

2nd place - Justin Saint

3rd place - Richard Shaw

4th place - Chris Christian

rita 1 Worzel 1 Clint 1 Mr Smart 1

City Garden Competition 2019

Bronze Awards

Mrs M Drake

Silver Awards

Mr Roland Calcutt

Penny Hardiman

Hilary Glyde and the Maplecroft Community Garden

The Old Ale and Coffee House

Silver Gilt Awards

8th Salisbury Beaver and Cubs Group – Rama’s Garden (St Marks Open Space)

Mr and Mrs Dolding

Gold Awards

John Reardon

Keith and Kathy Lawrence

Maplecroft 4 Ramas Gdn 4 greenwood av 11 Ridgeway 10

Allotment Competition 2019

The Butts 1st Terry White; 2nd Z and C Hardiman; 3rd Amanda White

Coldharbour Lane 1st Francis Bray; 2nd Mr M Sartin; 3rd Chris Christian

Cow Lane 1st Bruno Drag; 2nd Kevin Martin;3rd Barney Fuller

Fisherton Farm 1st Nigel Anstey; 2nd James Haggaty; 3rd Keith Barnes

London Road 1st Mr P Edginton; 2nd Mr P Tenty; 3rd Horace Cyphus

Stratford Road 1st Mr and Mr C Whatley; 2nd Christine Pape

The Tunnel 1st Mary Reardon; 2nd Mr D A Dolding; 3rd Mr S Day

Warres Acres 1st Richard Shaw; 2nd Tony Oke; 3rd Yvonne Toon

Wiltshire Road 1st Ray Schwender; 2nd Maureen Allenby-Brake

OVERALL WINNER: Richard Shaw from the Warres Acre Site