Kate O’Connor

Kate O’Connor

“My 11 years in West Harnham are the longest that I have lived anywhere – but no regrets! I still love finding new nooks, crannies, meadows and rivers as well as the pleasures that come from repeat viewings throughout the seasons. Local voluntary activity has included work with a Credit Union and the Civic Society.

I travel extensively when I can and a large family (no children) and my many interests keep me fully occupied.

I was born in Kenya and lived/worked in the States, Hong Kong, Wales, Scotland (various places) and England (again various). My first degree was history and I have an MBA from Cranfield.

My early career included estates management and customer service/consulting roles as well as management of a City based law firm. The second half of my career was usually at Director level where I managed diverse professionals and services, was usually involved in the implementation of significant change programmes and worked with many statutory and some voluntary organisations.

I am enjoying getting to grips with Neighbourhood Planning and am committed to improving the Salisbury live-work-visit experience for everyone and in all parts of our catchment area.”