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Friday 31 March 2023

The Poultry Cross has re-opened following repairs

Salisbury City Council is delighted to announce that the historic Poultry Cross has now re-opened following repair work.

The Grade I listed structure was damaged last year and repair works started in October 2022. Following a fantastic effort from the D&N Construction team, Stone Masons, Architects, Structural Engineers, Scaffolders and the team at the City Council, the Poultry Cross has returned to its previous impressive state.

The Stone Masons from Salisbury Cathedral dismantled and rebuilt the South Buttress which contained the damaged area. During dismantling, individual stones were recorded and the stones that were undamaged or could be restored were numbered and used in the rebuild.

Materials used were traditional lime mortar and heritage lime gravity poured grout.

The cost of the repairs as a result of the collision totalled £84k. It is expected that this will be covered by our insurers. The additional conservation works cost £30k.

The Clerk of Works at Salisbury Cathedral, Gary Price said, “The majority of the work has been to repair the south buttress following a vehicle collision, we have also undertaken a clean and repair of other areas of stonework. We are very privileged to be working on such an iconic Salisbury monument.”

One of the Leaders of the Council, Cllr Ian Tomes said, “It is great to see the Poultry Cross back to its original form thanks to the excellent teamwork of the skilled workforce involved. The Poultry Cross is an important historic monument in Salisbury and they did a great job fixing the damaged area for future residents and visitors to enjoy.”