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Why have an allotment?

Allotments are a great way of producing homegrown, healthy fruit and vegetables at low cost. As well as this, they are:

  • Good for the environment
  • A great way of keeping fit and enjoying the fresh air
  • A really sociable place so are great for meeting new people and making friends
  • A place to unwind, relax and take time out from a hectic life style
  • A brilliant family activity – or suit those who want a hobby of their own!

Frequently asked questions

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How big is an allotment?

A typical plot on one of our sites will be either 5 or 10 rods. A 5 rod plot is approximately equal to 126.5 square metres or 151.3 square yards. This usually means that a plot will be 5m wide by 25m long.

How much does an allotment cost?

The current cost of an allotment is £9.20 per rod/per 25.3 square metres, per annum. Accordingly, the cost of a 5 rod plot for 2024 is £46.00 for the year. A 10 rod plot is £92.00. Allotment bills are automatically sent out in January. Payments can be made in a variety of ways – online via our website, or at our Information Centre (Fish Row) by cash, cheque, or card. Alternatively, please send a cheque in the post quoting your invoice number. If you require a receipt, please also send an SAE. We do not recommend that you send cash in the post.

New tenants

When we first set you up with your plot, there is a charge of £12 (including VAT) to cover the cost of cutting a new key to the site.

What facilities do the allotments have?

Each of our sites has its own water supply and a dedicated Warden to assist tenants.  Our sites also have security fencing and lockable gates to prevent unauthorised access; tenants are provided with keys to access their site.

Can a plot be taken away from me?

If you fail to cultivate your plot, keeping it tidy and weed free, you will be served a Notice to Quit. This gives you fair time to sort out any issues. However if the plot continues to be poorly cultivated, it will be repossessed. If you discover you are having difficulty with the workload please contact us.

Are your allotments accessible to people with disabilities?

Special provision has been made for disabled gardeners at the Fisherton Farm allotment site. Please contact us for more details.

What can I grow on my allotment? Can I keep animals?

We are happy for you to grow whatever you want on your allotment within reason and within the law! We would just ask that you give consideration to your neighbouring tenants when deciding what to plant. Tenants can also apply separately to keep animals such as chickens after a period of six months. 


Bonfires are permitted for burning garden waste only. Currently Tenants are permitted to have bonfires, weather permitting, on Wednesdays and on Saturday mornings. Fires must be attended to at all times with due care and regard to neighbours.

Wait is the waiting period for a plot?

. Some of our sites are more popular than others so the waiting lists on these may move more slowly than others. We can advise you on how long you would expect to wait when you get in touch.

How do I get an allotment?

Simply call us on 01722 342860 or email – we’ll need to take some contact details from you but we can put you on our waiting lists immediately. Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications from people who reside outside the City (Parish) boundary at the present time.

Allotment locations

There are currently over 650 plots across 12 different sites around the City.

Please use the map below to view the locations of our allotments.

What to think about before taking on an allotment

Taking on a plot can be rewarding but it’s challenging, tiring and fun.

The benefits
Growing your own food can be rewarding in lots of ways. In addition, you can be confident that your food hasn’t chalked up any air miles. An allotment will keep you fit – for a lot less money than joining a gym – good for both your physical and mental health.

The Challenges
Challenge 1 – Clearing your Plot
You will need to be prepared to put in some hard work to get the site into a good condition for planting.

Challenge 2 – Keeping Those Weeds at Bay
You are required to keep your plot tidy and weed free and you will need to decide how to manage your weeds.

Challenge 3 – Time Management!
Allotments need regular visits. It is recommended to visit at least twice a week to keep on top of the weeding.

Challenge 4 – Tools and Equipment
You will need a certain amount of tools to tend your plot but the basics don’t need to cost a fortune. We strongly advise that you don’t keep tools or anything of value on your plot.

Challenge 5 – How Do I choose what to plant? And where to plant it? And all the rest??
Deciding what to plant and where to plant it can be daunting. There are many books about allotments on the market so you should be able to find one to suit you. Don’t be shy to ask your neighbouring tenants for their advice. Many of them are happy to pass on a tip or two.

Allotment Tenant Agreement

To view the Allotment Agreement made on January 2024, which also outlines the tenant’s terms and conditions, click the link below.

Allotments & Gardens Association Membership Form

To apply for a membership of the Association, download and complete the form below. Membership of the Association is available to allotment holders and gardeners in the Salisbury and surrounding areas.

For information on the Salisbury Allotments and Gardens Association, click here

Allotment and Scarecrow
Competitions 2024

The Allotment and Scarecrow Competitions are back for 2024!

The Salisbury Allotment and Gardens Association will be running the Allotment and Scarecrow Competitions for 2024.

Do you have an allotment that you are proud of? The fun event invites allotment holders to share their achievements with others to encourage newcomers and established gardeners to grow their own flowers fruit and vegetables.

We also look forward to seeing your scarecrows! We had some fantastic entries in previous years and can’t wait to see your scarecrows of all shapes and sizes in our allotments.

Judging will take place during the week of 24th June- 30 June 2024.

To download the competition application form and for more information, click the link below.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or you would like to find out more, our Parks Team will be happy to help

01722342860 or email