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This friendly shop, at 59 Catherine Street, Salisbury, is a membership scheme for people on low incomes who struggle to balance the demands on their household income.

The shop is run by our Communities Team and is part of a franchise run by Church Action on Poverty called ‘Your Local Pantry’. Anyone in the city of Salisbury who need access to low cost food can join.

The Communities Team have created this social supermarket to ensure we can continue to take action on food poverty in Salisbury.

Social Supermarkets – not just about food

We are a place to shop and choose your food at a low cost, and we can do this because we stock donated and redistributed food, but we are also a place where people can ask for advice and be signposted to other sources of support.

Our aim is for Your Salisbury Pantry to be a space where members can build connections, confidence and sense of belonging in the community. Members can also volunteer alongside us to help us achieve these aims, together.

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