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How do we
make decisions?

The Council is empowered by law to make decisions on many matters of importance to our local community. The full council (a meeting of all council members) is responsible for making all decisions, however in practice, many of these are made in smaller groups of councillors or council officers (paid staff). Neither the mayor nor the councillors have the legal authority to individually act or make decisions on behalf of the council

Every council must publish:

  • details of when key decisions will be taken
  • papers of meetings – at least 5 working days beforehand
  • minutes of meetings – showing the decisions that were made

How is the
council funded?

The Council is funded via a combination of the precept and income it generates though its assets, such as the Crematorium and the Charter Market. The precept is the element of Council Tax which is raised and spent by Salisbury City Council to fund the services it provides. As a Parish Council, Salisbury City Council does not receive any funding from Central Government, nor does it receive any rates from local businesses.

What are we
responsible for?

  • Play parks and open spaces
  • Community Buildings
  • Street Cleaning
  • Community Services
  • Crematorium and Cemetery
  • Charter Market

We are not
responsible for

  • Refuse & Recycling
  • Housing
  • Social Services
  • Highways
  • Schools
  • Leisure Services

Civility and

Salisbury City Council signed up to the Civility & Respect Pledge at the meeting of Full Council on Monday 26 June 2023.

Throughout many Town and Parish Councils there are growing concerns about the impact of bullying, harassment, and intimidation on local councils, councillors, clerks and council staff and the effectiveness of local councils. For this reason, the National Association of Local Councils has been working with the Society of Local Council Clerks to put civility and respect at the top of the agenda and start a culture change for the local council sector.

Salisbury City Council has signed the pledge to demonstrate it is committed to standing up to poor behaviour across the sector and driving through positive changes that support civil and respectful conduct.

The Council has also signed up the Local Government Association model Code of Conduct. The LGA Code of Conduct is designed to protect the democratic role of councillors, encourage good conduct and safeguard the public’s trust in local government. It has been adopted by Wiltshire Council and other parish councils in Wiltshire.


Salisbury City Council will provide leadership now and in the future and has developed a strategic plan 2022 – 2025 for Salisbury. Salisbury will be a green and lively place where residents voices are heard and their wellbeing improved.

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