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The Flood

The Salisbury Flood Plan has been established by the Salisbury Flood Working Group and is designed to provide a basic framework to ensure an effective approach to managing a major flood incident that may threaten the safety and welfare of the community, both residential and employment, property and livestock.

The Plan covers major flood incidents in the City of Salisbury.


  • Identify the flooding risks to the community and act to mitigate them, where possible
  • Identify vulnerable properties in the community and develop plans to assist residents where possible
  • Identify resources in the community available to assist during an emergency

The Flood Plan is intended principally to guide actions in the lead up to and during a flood.

This Flood Plan does not provide information to householders. In the event of a flooding Flood Wardens may distribute leaflets or offer advice on where householders can find out about what to do before, during and after a flood.

Click here to view the Salisbury City Council Flood Plan

We are seeking Flood Wardens for the City

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Who to contact...

If your property is flooding or you are concerned it may do, ring the Environment Agency Incident Line

0800 80 70 60