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The Devizes Road Cemetery was opened in 1856 and to date there have been 13,892 interments including cremated remains. This Cemetery is now closed for new full earth burials.

There are casualties of the First and Second World Wars Buried in the Cemetery and a “Memorial Stone” was erected after the Second World War in honour of all service war dead buried there. This simple memorial is situated just inside the main entrance of the Devizes Road Cemetery, opposite the Cemetery Chapel.

The traditional small Cemetery Chapel is still used today for burial services of re-opened graves in the cemetery. It also has a small organ and is equipped with hymn books and a simple Funeral Service Book. The Chapel can seat approximately 20 people.

The last new grave was dug in 2001, although there have been re-openings of existing graves where one partner has been buried. The last new full burial took place in the Devizes Road Cemetery in September 2001; it is now full including cremated remains plots from December 2023.

The Cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year.

The Cemetery Lodge is a private residence and has no connection with the Devizes Road Cemetery.

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Devizes Road Cemetery
Devizes Road

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Telephone the office about burial records: (01722) 333632

Telephone the Parks Department regarding the upkeep of the cemetery: (01722) 342860