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We know it’s very important to make sure that the city and its beautiful parks and open spaces look great all year round. With our large team of groundsmen, we work hard to maintain high quality public spaces in the city and invest over £1.25 million per year. Our businesses, local organisations, communities and individuals all have a part to play and it is only by working together that we will achieve the changes and improvements that everyone wants to see.

We have a Clean Streets Strategy which you can view here:

Environmental Enforcement
& Fixed Penalty Notices

As part of our long term ambition to make Salisbury a cleaner city for residents and visitors, we issue fixed penalty notices where education and informal actions prove insufficient. These FPNs will be issued by an appropriately trained council officer or by an approved qualified contractor.

Description of Offence Act Amount if paid within 10 days Amount if paid within 14 days Maximum penalty on conviction
Depositing littering Section 87/88 Environmental
Protection Act 1990
CNEA Act 2005
No reduction £75 £2,500
Fly posting or graffiti Section 43 Anti-Social Behaviour
Act 2003
CNEA Act 2005 Section 28/29/30
No reduction £75 £2,500
Failure to remove dog fouling The Fouling of Land by Dogs
(Wiltshire Council) Order 2012
CNEA Act 2005 Section28/29/30
No reduction £75 £1,000

The details of offences shown above are abbreviated interpretations and are intended for guidance only.

If more information is required the legislation should be examined or legal advice taken.

Salisbury City Council are adopting these powers under the CNEA 2005.

It has been produced having regard to DEFRA guidance on the use of fixed penalty notices under the provisions of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act

Keeping our City Clean

How to pay for
a Fixed Penalty Notice

To pay for a Fixed Penalty Notice for depositing littering, fly posting, graffiti or failure to remove dog fouling, you will need the following:

• The Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) Number (found on your ticket)
• The transgressors surname (this is the name of the person whom committed the offence)
• The offence code

Ways to pay your fixed penalty notice
If you pay for a penalty notice within 28 days no further action will be taken against you.

By telephone
Call the Council (01722 342860) and make payment with a credit or debit card quoting the Fixed Penalty reference number.

Payment Online
Please follow link for online payment.

By post
Posted payment can be made by cheque made payable to Salisbury City Council and must be accompanied with a copy of your fixed penalty notice, details can be found on the reverse of your notice.

Any funds raised via FPNs will be spent by Salisbury City Council on the functions relating to: litter, dog control, graffiti and fly-posting.