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Churchill Gardens is located just over a mile to the south of the City centre, within walking distance of the shops, the Cathedral and Wiltshire College’s Salisbury Campus. Churchill Gardens is home to a wide variety of shrubs and trees, adding considerable colour and texture to the landscape.

Churchill Gardens is a popular setting for a relaxing walk alongside the river; the same paths are equally good for running and cycling if you’re feeling more energetic!

Churchill Gardens also showcases a large and popular skatepark, as well as a street sports area, a Parkour and a Disc Golf.

Visitor Information:
  • Free entry
  • Open day and night, throughout the year
  • Free public toilets inc. Disabled toilets and baby changing facilities.
  • Skatepark and street sports area
  • Two children’s play areas
  • Concession stand
  • Orienteering Course – Please follow these links for map and instructions
  • Outdoor gym