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An election of a City Councillor is to be held for the area of Salisbury St Francis and Stratford ward.

Becoming a Councillor is a rewarding experience and will give you the opportunity to make a real difference in your local area and help improve the lives of residents. The role can include helping with problems, coming up with ideas, working with local community groups and making and reviewing decisions.

If you are wanting to stand for election for the role of City Councillor please first see the Notice of Election below.

VOTING in the local elections

You don’t just have to become a councillor to have your say about the city you live in!
The local elections will take place shortly and this is your four-yearly opportunity to vote to elect the councillors in your ward. You may think that voting in your local elections isn’t very important, however, the councillors elected are those that will make decisions about your local community and its activities.

You can register to vote if you are:

  • 16 years old or over (you can only vote once you are 18)
  • living at an address in Wiltshire
  • You are a British or Irish citizen

You can also register if you have permission to enter or stay in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man


You do not need permission and you are a:

  • Commonwealth citizen
  • citizen of Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal or Spain
  • citizen of another EU country if you have had permission to enter or stay, or not needed permission since 31 December 2020 and this has continued without a break.
  • If you aren’t already registered to vote, please do so via the Wiltshire Council website. Further information regarding voting polling station locations and times will be provided shortly.

How you can vote

You can vote in person, by post or ask someone to vote on your behalf (proxy vote). To find out more in regards to a postal or proxy vote, please see the Wiltshire Council website, for more details.

Alternatively, you may prefer to take the recommended option this year and cast your vote from home, apply for postal voting here.

Last day to register for postal vote 5pm on Tuesday 26 April 2024.

In-person at the polling station

If you are registered to vote, poll cards will be sent to you before the election. Your card will tell you where your nearest polling station is and the times it will be open. You do not need your poll card to vote, although it will help the staff at the polling station if you bring it with you.

You will be allocated to a polling station. If you would like to find out where your usual polling station is, please contact the Electoral Services team on 0300 456 0112.

When you vote in person, you go to the polling station allocated to you based on your address on the electoral register.

Before you go to vote, check where your polling station is. It might not be the closest one to where to you live, and it might have changed since the last time you voted.

You have to go to your allocated polling station, and you can’t go to a different one close to where you work, for example.

Your polling station will be on your poll card, which you’ll receive through the post a few weeks before polling day.

Make sure to have an accepted form of photo ID or your Voter Authority Certificate with you before you go to the polling station.

Please visit GOV.UK for more information about how to vote in person.

And remember, your vote counts towards the future of the local community!

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