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Friday 03 March 2023

Parish Meeting – Wednesday 15 March 2023

A parish meeting will be held on Wednesday 15 March 2023 at 1800 at Salisbury Guildhall. A parish meeting is a meeting of the Salisbury residents. It is not a meeting of the Council.

The meeting will consider the following items as set out in the notice which is published today.

1. To be discussed
To discuss a precept cap of 5% on future Salisbury City Council budgets, and obligation to call a parish meeting if an administration wants to increase the precept by more than 5%.

2. Poll
a. To consider the demand for a poll on item 1.

b. To agree the question for the poll.

If you have a queries regarding this meeting, please contact the City Clerk on 01722 342860, email or visit our website at

Click here to view the agenda for the meeting