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Wednesday 01 March 2023

Salisbury City Council’s statement regarding The Wood Bar

Salisbury City Council is aware that The Wood Bar have complained about the end of their concession period at Victoria Park on social media.

Their concession period ran from 1 April 2022 – 31 September 2022. A mutually agreed extension was agreed for the winter months. The Wood Bar first held the concession in Victoria Park in 2021 for a one-year term, so the 2022 concession period was their second year. The Wood Bar were made aware in September 2022 that the concession would be for a three-year period from 2023 onwards.

In February 2023, the Wood Bar told the Council that they did not want a 3-year concession. Therefore, the concession opportunity was advertised more widely. More than one application has been received for this concession.

The Council has agreed the concession with another trader. This applicant is proposing a more favourable arrangement, albeit at the basic same fee. They are proposing to enhance the site and engage with the local community more actively. They will start trading before summer.

The Council understands The Wood Bar is disappointed by this decision. It is regrettable that officers of the Council had been unfairly accused of unprofessional behaviour on social media. These accusations are entirely unfounded. The Council has a zero-tolerance policy toward bullying and harassment.