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The role

Flood Wardens provide a link between the local community, emergency services and Wiltshire Council.

They give real time information about flood conditions in the event of a flood.

There are currently 22 Flood Wardens with a Councillor who is the Flood Co-Ordinator.

Salisbury City Council is seeking Flood Wardens for the City.

View the PDFs below for more information on the Flood Warden training which would be provided.

What Flood
Wardens Do

Before a Flood

• Understand flood risk within their local area
• Identify properties at risk of flooding
• Identify vulnerable individuals
• Attend flood plan training and exercises
• Help raise flood awareness
• Assist with the recruitment of Flood Wardens

During a Flood

• Prioritise their own safety at all times
• Follow procedures set out in their Flood Plan
• Relay information to the local community
• Follow guidance from the emergency services at all times
• Provide the emergency services with local knowledge and information
• Collect information about the flood

After a Flood

• Submit information they have collected about the flood
• Help to relay information to the local community

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