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‘Green Infrastructure’ or GI is the network of green spaces and waterways threading through Salisbury including parks and recreation grounds, gardens, woodland, hedgerows, trees, rivers, footpath and cycleway corridors, verges, disused land, allotments, street trees, country parks and churchyards.

GI has a multi-functional role and in planning terms is considered vital for:

  • Physical health and mental wellbeing
  • Developing community resilience in the face of climate change in urban and rural areas
  • Supporting wildlife and biodiversity
  • Delivering ecosystem services and the environmental regulation we depend on for survival
  • Contributing to local distinctiveness
  • Providing green routes for walking and cycling enabling people to feel better connected and improving community cohesion

The topic group will be assessing local green and blue space assets and will be looking to develop policies in the Neighbourhood Plan which will improve the multifunctionality of local green spaces. These will focus on enhancing biodiversity and habitat value; maintaining and enhancing Salisbury’s unique landscape setting including views to the Cathedral and improving connectivity within and beyond the city boundaries. Policies will also need to ensure green spaces are safeguarded in relation to new development and those of particular importance to the community are protected.

Group Leader: Nicola Lipscombe