The Harnham Bunker

The Harnham Bunker is a former post war underground military telephone exchange located in a small area of woodland at the junction of Old Blandford Road and Grasmere Close atThe Harnham Bunker Harnham. The bunker replaced the former control centre for the then District Council in the basement of ‘The Council House’ at Bourne Hill in 1963. Many people pass by daily but would never know it is there as it is cut in to the wooded slope of Harnham Hill.

Salisbury City Council will shortly be seeking a new tenant for the Harnham Bunker. The City Council wishes to see this building being used by the community for the community, and are seeking exciting proposals from groups and organisations about how this can happen.

Click here to view futher information on the proposal: The Bunker Proposal Guidance Notes

Please download and complete the following application form to submit your proposalBunker Tenancy Proposal Form

For any enquiries, please contact