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Friday 02 February 2024

LGBTQ+ youth group finds a new venue

Salisbury’s LGBTQ+ youth group, led by a member of the LGBTQi+ community and supported by SCC staff and other professionals, is MOVING to a new safe space.

Re-starting this month, the group will meet fortnightly as they start to create new LGBTQ+ history in our city.

The Salisbury City Council Communities Team led LGBTQ+ youth project was born in February 2023 in response to conversations with young people in search of a safe and supportive space, dedicated to them.

The group leaders and volunteers have met dozens of young people who have expressed a need for space independent of home and school which is dedicated to them as they find their way through their thoughts and feelings in relation to their sexuality and gender identity. The City Council’s Communities Team see their role as creating the opportunity, listening to young people to shape and develop the offer and to help build the skills of community members to hold and develop this project long into the future.

The group is overseen and facilitated by professionally trained staff and supporting volunteers, who share the aim of creating a space where young people can meet, participate in activities, and chat with us and each other without agenda or judgement and with support on hand if requested. People are encouraged to attend with supportive friends and allies if they wish.

The SCC Communities Team and the group thanks their hosts since July last year at The George and Dragon for their support and hospitality.

Leader of Salisbury City Council, Victoria Charleston, commented this week “I am so proud of the Communities Team’s work to provide a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ young people.  Having listened to young people, they have altered and adapted the youth group to make sure it really meets the needs of attendees. I hope it provides the space individuals need to explore tricky thoughts and feelings.”

How can you find out more?

In a challenging approach to promoting a group you won’t find the name of the venue on the posters. What you will find is a QR code which will lead you to a brief questionnaire. Those who fill it out will receive a brief phone call to talk about the project and to establish a connection first. The full details are then shared direct, or we can signpost you to other support you are looking for. It’s an unusual, but not unique, approach to making sure people can feel confident attending and don’t feel ‘outed’ just by walking through the door.

The project leaders also want to hear from parents and carers who are looking to support their young people, organisations and professionals who want to know more and can share the promotional materials. They are also keen to hear from people who have experienced the journey and feel you can be supportive and give us some time for others finding their way, please contact the City Council Communities Team about volunteering opportunities.

We hope to build these groups, have fun, and make Salisbury a more rainbow coloured city.

Contact us on: 01722 417100 or