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Friday 21 April 2023

Salisbury Parish Poll Result

The parish poll took place on Thursday 20 April 2023. The poll question was “Do you support a 5% cap on future increases to the Salisbury City Council precept and a parish consultation if any proposed increase is larger than 5%?”

The result was

Yes – 992
No – 206
Rejected – 4

The turnout for the Salisbury Parish Poll was 3.92% out of 30,698 eligible voters.

The conduct of the poll was the responsibility of the Returning Officer at Wiltshire Council. This included the choice of venues for the polling stations. The cost of the poll will be calculated by the Returning Officer, and an invoice passed to the City Council once costs are finalised, after the completion of the poll.

The relevant legislation is The Parish and Community Meetings (Polls) Rules 1987.

All questions about the conduct of the poll should be addressed to the Elections Team at Wiltshire Council.