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Friday 08 March 2024

This Community Club needs your Support

Stratford Social Club has amazing facilities and low prices, but without the support of local people and groups it will be lost.

Stratford Social Club with its iconic high ceilings, bar, pool room, vault darts and community space has been a cornerstone of the Stratford Road community but is now facing possible closure.

Since the pandemic, and with rising bills, the club has continued to host community events, weekly support groups and be a social hub for local residents, but its 170 members are simply not enough to keep the lights on and the doors open. They are looking for hirers, members and new people on their volunteer committee to keep this local institution alive and kicking.

This month, with support from the City Council who own the building and let it to the committee rent free as part of the Rent Reduction Community Impact Scheme, the committee are calling out to the people of Salisbury to say, in the words of the current Chair Carl Doran, “This is a fantastic facility, run by an amazing but increasingly small group of volunteers. We need to shout out for hirers and members and say if we don’t use it, we will lose it.”

“We have been the venue for a number of community events over the last few months and it’s as important to have places when times are hard as it is to have places to celebrate, what our club is for many people. We have celebrated New Year, hosted darts tournaments and the monthly Mencap Disco and also been the venue for wakes and memorials. We just want to share our spaces with more people and sadly we have whole days in the week where the club is empty – surely someone out there needs this space?” (Dolly Burnett – committee member since 1998)

The Committee accept that finances are extremely tight at the club, with only 1 quarter’s running costs in the bank, so they are on the hunt for groups and organisations who would like to share and use their spaces, be that for individual groups or sessions or as a long-term partner in the facility.

Local Ward Councilor John Wells, who has been supporting the Club’s committee in the past 6 months, said “If you live locally and have a skill like social media, creating flyers, or would like to put on an event you need only give a few hours a month to the committee, and it could make all the difference”.

Mr Doran commented further “If nothing else, become a member. It only costs between £5 and £15 a year. Just that membership fee makes a huge difference to us, and you will always be welcome at the club for a cheeky pint at a very friendly price”.

Mr Doran has also been hiring the basement of the club for his own business, The Happy Fruiter, since the pandemic, with that rent being a lifeline for the club, but with all options on the table, and business changes for Mr Doran, the club are also open to hearing from other businesses who may wish to sublet the premises.

Anyone interested in membership or hire of the club can visit their Facebook page or email the chair of the committee at

Community organisations interested in full day or multiple day use of the facilities can contact the City Council Communities Team at